Violence In The 21st Century: What Everyone’s Still Missing

Violence In The 21st Century: What Everyone’s Still Missing

This video and this article is dedicated to those affected by violence


We as a collective human society still do not acknowledge or even truly understand what the root cause of all the violence is. This is why it’s so important that everyone become more self-aware and why people must begin to understand and read the energy that makes up everyone and everything as we move forward in the twenty first century.  It is from this place that people can begin to make constructive personal energetic decisions rather than destructive ones.

When a shooting, bombing or act of hate happens we all do one thing right, we come together like a band of brothers and sisters. But I can’t help but watch the ceremonies and the news coverage honoring the victims and cities, and think that people just don’t understand what it really is that keeps the cycle of violence going. We feel outraged when it happens yet we do none of the right things to change the course. We watch debate shows like Bill Maher or we watch the other daily news shows and all everyone seems to be debating is gun control, mental health and so on….While these are very real objective human life issues we must deal with, we are unable to truly deal with these secondary effects because we don’t address the deepest underlying primary causal issue.

We as humans are, for the majority, good people and want to see something done, but the problem is we look to others to make the changes; we don’t really understand what the problem is and our part within this problem. If everyone in the world stood in a circle and looked to the person standing to their right to make the change nothing would get done because everyone is focused on changing someone else, which none of us can do.  We all keep telling the other that they are the problem, which means we are all the problem because that circle eventually comes back to each one of us.

What Do We Currently Think is The Problem?

We can debate whether it is: religion, corrupt politics, mentally ill people, poverty, not enough gun control, or even our violent media & culture. Again, there is no doubt that in objective reality these are very real secondary causes that we as a human society must deal with once and for all.

But like every other long-standing disease if you do not get to the root cause and change that, then the domino effect of symptoms such as: self-righteous religion, corrupt politics, mentally ill people, poverty, not enough gun control, or even our violent media & culture will continue to spiral out of control and only create a proliferation of violent acts, no matter how many fires we keep putting out.

All of these manifestations are effects of the real problem and these effects and manifestations act like tentacles attached to the deeper underlying beast of an issue we do not face and we do not deal with as a human society. Even if we were able to cut off one tentacle it would eventually either grow back or simply diffuse one small manifestation of the symptoms only to manifest in another way.

1. Poverty

It is no shock that people commit acts of violence due to poverty. Financially poor people do so because they feel like they have no choice- no one helps them- they are born into it so they feel helpless, making it so they become fearful, angry and isolated. This is a state of mind and emotion that will cause a person to “take what he wants/needs” without regard for the “others” who had no regard for him. This then turns into a culture of violence.

2. Gun Control & Politics

Politicians make decisions out of greed, competition and ego. Besides the fact that these people can easily be bought, they are willing to hurt and sabotage the people they represent, simply because they act out of fear and ego. They are fearful they will personally look weak, they are fearful they will be judged and, they want others to look bad so they can look better. These mere mortals think they are always right and they are self-righteous, especially in American Politics. It is clear as of right now that government has completely failed the citizens of this country and would rather stand their ground and maintain their fear based ego then do what is best in objective reality for the citizens of this country.

3. Violent Media & Culture

The United States of America has the most violent culture and media in the world, one that spreads and spans the globe through media and consciousness. We not only televise all of the negative violent acts that happen around the country but we make it “entertainment”. We have Hollywood, which creates violent action movie after violent action movie, thinking it is harmless. We have violent video games, and we make TV shows out of murder mysteries and trials. This is one of the worst manifestations arising from the major underlying issue. We make fear of others the primary reason to fight/kill, and fear of others the primary reason to isolate, separate ourselves and judge others. It is the twenty first century and we as a country, and as a human society still wage wars out of fear and greed.

4. Mental Illness

We as a society think of mentally ill people as “crazy”. We judge them out of our egos and we isolate them further by doing so. We are fearful of who they are and what they might do. We don’t view them as people just like us but with an illness they cannot control. We don’t treat physically ill people this way so why should we treat mentally ill people this way. Can we prevent a violent act by every mentally ill person?…no, but we can change how we view them, accept them and help them. Inevitably drastically lowering the isolation that drives a lot of their acts of violence.

5. Religion

In the history of humanity there is nothing else that has created more violence and death than acts of self-righteousness, hate, ego & fear in the name of a religion. We are so scared of being wrong or of someone challenging our sense of reality that we lash out in judgement, hate & fear.

So What is The Primary Issue?

The most powerful gift we possess as human beings, unrestricted consciousness. All of these symptoms have one thing in common and I highlighted it to make it easy for you to see. Fear. Fear of being hurt, being wrong, being different, being dangerous and so on. The underlying cause of everything we experience is the current state in consciousness of humanity. Until we begin making subjective, personal life decisions out of love rather than fear and hate we will continue to deal with the larger global problems we face within this arena. The two common denominators in all of these manifestations above are human beings and way we view things. We not only view everyone as completely separate from ourselves but we actually believe there is no conscious energetic link between everything we see and experience.

Until we each truly begin making the necessary changes within each of our conscious minds- we will continue creating violence as entertainment- and we will continue watching it. We will continue to be at a standstill: politically, economically, and socially. We will continue to see acts of violence parading the streets in high numbers and we will continue to see the inequality of life on every level as it creates more and more anger, fear and hate, which leads to more violent acts. Something has to give within the global interconnected system.

Until we view every single human being without exception as important, equal, and connected; no matter their: country, culture, religion, economic status, color & health, and act on that knowledge to create more balance…we will continue dealing with the same issues and holding ourselves and our evolution as humanity hostage. The longer we do this the more likely we will wipe ourselves off of this planet as things are getting exponentially heavier. You can only go against the flow and harmony of nature for so long.

We can consciously choose to love and respect everyone even if we don’t like them or agree with them. Not because our religion tells us to do so, not only because it is the right thing to do but because at our core we all seek and deserve love. We can and must choose to create equality in every sense of the word because we are all one and connected. If we did this, the world would evolve into something so amazing it is hard for anyone to truly understand how great it could be. But it starts with you. The person pulling the trigger or making the decisions seems like the bad guy, but the problem was created long ago and is only continuing to be created within each one of us. When the majority buys in and see things for what they really are.. things will truly change.

The person who promotes violent media, the person who watches violent media, the person who has the power to help others and doesn’t, the person who thinks he is perfect and doesn’t understand theirs and others interconnected role in society is just as guilty. The person who judges others who are different or believe in different things is just as much of a culprit, simply because the problems do not arise from beliefs but arise from our judgement in the light of those beliefs.

We can continue to say: get rid of religion, get rid of guns, get rid of corrupt politicians and so on but until we get rid of our dualistic thinking as a human race… nothing can truly change.

We must shift from fear to courage and hate to love. It is the only way. Until then, our efforts to drastically decrease violence or maybe even end violence will stay at a standstill as they are now and have been for thousands of years.



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