Spiritual Addiction: Why Living In a Purely Spiritual Way While Being Human Makes You Less Effective In Life

Spiritual Addiction: Why Living In a Purely Spiritual Way While Being Human Makes You Less Effective In Life

What Exactly Is Spiritual Addiction

I am all about spirituality. I am all about spiritual evolution and deeper connection to self and to life and all it has to offer. But something I have learned is you can put too much of an emphasis on these pursuits and create what is best called an addiction to spirituality. Being effective as a human being means being able to recognize when you are out of balance , why you are out of balance and knowing what you need to do to regain balance.

It is even more important that you use your self authority and take your power back by researching this information from your human self and trusting your emotions, feelings, thoughts and physical sensations.  Through your emotions, thoughts and what your physical body is telling you, you become more connected to your human vibration and it is from this place you can begin making better decisions for yourself. This is what Intuition really is.

Like anything in this life too much or too little of something creates an imbalance. Spiritual pursuits are no different. If you are someone who has zero concept of spirituality or you spend little to no time getting to know who you really are, paying attention to your human body/emotions, working on your imbalances and taking the time to working on being an all around better human being, Then you probably crave a deeper connection to something and you might not be able to place what it is. This is an under-functioning part of your aura most likely.

On the other hand if you renounce human life in many ways and live from a subjective spiritual/intuitive place you will be creating a substantial spiritual addiction. This applies to anyone who outsources their life to anything or anyone other than themselves or spends a lot of their time connecting to spiritual source. Divine beings, spirit guides, angels etc…

If you are constantly seeking the answers, motivation and the guidance from something outside of yourself, human or not you are not being a very effective human.

It is easy to create a spiritual addiction. As soon as you spend more than 30 minutes to an hour a day on connecting to a spiritual source or on reading people or paying attention to energy you most likely have a spiritual addiction.  You are spending more time per day living in subjective spiritual reality rather than objective human reality.

For example: Talking to someone at work. If you are consciously delving deeper into them and paying attention to more than their words and body language you are spending some of that precious time a day on your spiritual pursuits. If you are an Empath and you naturally all of the time read people, know what they are feeling, physically or emotionally etc then you are an unskilled Empath and need to learn how to become skilled. Meaning control when and where you merge consciously with people and how not to. When you are an Empath it is much harder to stay out of spiritual addiction.

Tangible Ways To Create A Spiritual Addiction

This whole thing is about being effective as a human being, experiencing the most vivid and balanced version of yourself you can. So how do I know this? Well I have dealt with this type of addiction for many years on and off in my own personal life. As someone who reads peoples energy and auras at a very deep level I can tell you than this is a very real imbalance within the energetic field. You can have a spiritual addiction through these ways, for example:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Spiritual Pursuits ( religion & spiritual practices)
  • Outsourcing your life decisions and choices to spiritual sources
  • Spending too much time reading energy and reading people
  • Spending too much time focusing on the energy in the room rather than what is happening in objective human life

Reposition Your Consciousness

It is all about how you Position Your Consciousness. You can be a creative person and develop a spiritual addiction for example;  If you write or create by connecting to source and you do this for hours a day then you are outsourcing. If you are writing and creating by connecting to your own soul through your emotions and thoughts and human body then you are not outsourcing, you are connecting to your human self and your soul is apart of your human self. So how and where you position your consciousness dictates what remains in balance or out of balance and this is reflected in your energetic body (aura).

What you focus on and think about is where you put your energy.  This is how emotional addiction, spiritual addiction, sexual addiction and so on get their roots. You can begin to heal and evolve and find better balance by recognizing this and repositioning your consciousness.

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