Vanity… Healthy or Unhealthy: How You View Yourself Says Everything

Vanity… Healthy or Unhealthy: How You View Yourself Says Everything

Balance Is Everything

It makes no difference if you are a man or a woman, taking care of your human body in every way possible is a good thing. Caring about how you look doesn’t necessarily tell me you are vain and shallow, it actually tells me that you are being a confident and effective human being in at least one way. Take it as a good sign that you respect yourself enough to care at least a little and by doing so you are living in your human body more than those who don’t care.  If your consciousness is outside of your body you are more likely to not care about your appearance but also ignore what your body is telling you about how it feels- meaning you are much more likely to create negative health issues.

We have all experienced it, but when you dress nicely and get ready for the day you just naturally feel better. There is nothing wrong with feeling better. So overall is all of this vanity really negative or positive? unhealthy or healthy for society and people?  I will get to that in a minute.

Many Americans are disconnected from their physical body. They view their body as essentially something separate from the “I” inside. Usually these are the people who experience obesity and/or long-standing health problems. If you are someone who lives in your emotions (or in any other aspect of self ) and solely identifies and focuses on that part of yourself  all day then you are not only living an imbalanced life but you are probably making unhealthy choices for your physical body just to keep your emotions at bay for a while. Food & drugs are some of the most common ways to “feel better or numb”.

Rather than living in the moment, and paying attention and positioning your consciousness to the physical human body throughout the day by caring about what it looks like or how it feels they care more about emotional highs and lows.


 “I hate myself  (negative emotion) and I hate this feeling ( another negative emotion), so I am going to numb it however I can.”

When this happens you are doing anything you have to do to feel better emotionally, even at the cost of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Positioning Your Consciousness Towards Self- Love

Now to the obvious point real quick. If your self -esteem and your identity is dependent on how you look and what people think- you are also not balanced and this is not healthy. But hey! You have the choice. Caring about how you look can be healthy and caring about how you look can be unhealthy. It is all about how you position your consciousness.


” I love who I am and because I respect myself I am going to take care of my beautiful human body, including my appearance”


“I have no self-esteem, to feel better about myself I need to look good at any cost so others will love me”

See the difference? The act of dressing nice & taking care of your hair, skin and nails or more is not automatically vain. It is very healthy when you are coming from a place of  self-love and it is unhealthy when it comes from a place of  low-self esteem or the need for approval. The choice is yours and the affects it will have on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies is dependent on how you choose to position your consciousness.  We are human beings, and a part of being human is living in our human body and taking care of that body we were given. Including the parts of it that are seen by the outside world.

Hollywood Ruins It For Everyone- But Don’t Let It

Say it with me. Thanks Hollywood. Many of us think that the only way to love, success and self-esteem is to be beautiful. Because if you are not wearing the right clothes or looking a certain way people will judge you and won’t accept you.  Taking care of our outer human body from a place of self’-love and wanting to be healthy is definitely not the energy or the objective image Hollywood portrays.

So on one end we have people who think that if you aren’t these things or look a certain way then they are worthless and won’t amount to anything. Their self- esteem as a human being is caught up in this weird world of “change who you are on the outside and the inside will be better, I promise”.

Then there are people who despise this world and feel like taking care of your appearance or focusing your consciousness on it at all is vanity at it’s finest and if you do then you are a shallow and terrible human being. “So I refuse to be like that and won’t care about how I look.”

So we are left with two extremes, but both are equally unhealthy because both are false subjective interpretations of something that is and can be a wonderful and healthy thing if you come from a place of love and not a place of hate and judgement.

Become Aware

To have true balance you need to focus your consciousness equally amongst your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. You have to spend time with each one everyday and listen to each one. That is the path to great health and strong intuition.  Too much of an emphasis on appearance is unhealthy and too little is also unhealthy. To find your own balance you need to understand these concepts and truly understand that what you focus on and in what ways will create the state of your overall health.






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