Psychic Kids & Adults: How to Cope With Your Fear

Psychic Kids & Adults: How to Cope With Your Fear

Higher Vibrations Are Stronger Than Low

You are a powerful and a loving human being. You have a gift, not a curse although it may seem like it at times. Lower vibrational energies feed on lower vibrational emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and all the other lower and denser human vibrations/emotions.

You are a human being and they are not. You have the right to occupy this space and they do not. They know this. If you do not want something around you have to be firm, be strong and say it out loud. No fear , no backing down and no second guessing.

Maintain a higher vibration, Be loving, kind, compassionate, happy, joyful etc… These higher vibrations will only attract positive energies into your life, including spirit energy. You create your space with your consciousness and with your human emotions. You have the power to do this.

If anything is in your space at night or when you don’t want it there you can tell it to leave with authority and human will and IT WILL.

Accept You For You- No Matter What

You have this ability. You didn’t necessarily ask for it but anything you experience in this lifetime you agreed to experience before you incarnated into the body you are in. People might judge you or accept you. You cannot control this. Some people don’t understand and can’t even comprehend these sorts of things while others if you are fortunate enough to have them around you are open to it or even accepting.

Trust yourself and don’t let others bring your vibration to a lower level.  We all seek social support but some of us aren’t lucky enough to have it right away. It will get better. Accept yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself, the rest will follow with time.

Are You Crazy? Probably Not..

If you suspect or someone suspects you have a mental illness it doesn’t hurt to get checked out. Most people in this situation do not have one even though many think they do. If you are aware enough to question if you do or not you probably don’t. But this is not professional advice only personal.


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