Health & Victim Mentality: Why Your Health Is Dependent on Self-Authority

Health & Victim Mentality: Why Your Health Is Dependent on Self-Authority

Your Thoughts, Emotions & Lifestyle= State Of Health

My personal evidence. Back in 2009 I went through some pretty intense health issues.  For myself, this was the point in time when my longstanding lifestyle choices and my conscious “state of being” finally caught up with me.  Before this point I was completely oblivious to the concept that my emotional and mental states played a huge role in my level of health.

I began to experience health issues first due to the imbalanced diet I had maintained for the previous 22 years of my life. This illness manifested as minor skin infections- I will spare the details because it wasn’t pretty. Not my finest day. The stress of what was happening caused my health issues to become more severe and more widespread.

This change in my health made my stress levels explode sky high basically. The cycle of health issues, more stress, and more health issues went on for nearly eight months. Over this period in time I went into obsessive research mode as many people do when they feel like they have lost control of their health.

I learned everything I possibly could about underlying issues that cause illness. I learned everything there is to know about; skin-care regimes, cleanses, toxins, diets, herbs the list goes on and on.  In the end after spending thousands of dollars trying to fix my health and absorbing as much information as one human could I realized that the core problem couldn’t be fixed with herbs or cleanses. I learned that diet, lifestyle, emotional, and mental states of being were to blame for 98% of all illness in my body.

Long story short I found balance in my health and have never felt better in my life. It was in total a nearly three year journey. I am now mostly gluten -free, I drink green smoothies daily & I make my emotional and mental equilibrium one of my top priorities. Never felt better in my life.  I took my power back. You can do the same.

The Science

The mind-body connection is something we need to consciously think about more often. Not only does how we think  and what we feel effect our immune system but what we put into our bodies effects our other states of being.  There is a field in medicine called:

Psychoneuroimmunology- The Area of study that focuses on emotional and other psychological states that affect the immune system, rendering the patient less or more susceptible to disease. Here is a link to a study that will help you understand better the correlation between your mental/emotional states and your immune system. Stress.

I have found that eastern medicines such as Ayurveda  are some of the best ways to empower yourself and educate yourself about balance and how to create and maintain  this balance within the states of being. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Make The Change:

I am not the only person who has experienced adverse health effects due to lifestyle, stress and negative thought. We live in a society filled with other kinds of sickness; high levels of competition and overwork. These two lifestyle choices create imbalance within the delicate homeostasis of our different yet interconnected bodies. So below are ways to create better health and balance.

1. Laugh More

Personally I am on a mission to laugh as much as possible. I try and spend time with the people that make me laugh the most and if I can’t get my daily fix that way, I watch half an hour of stand-up comedy online or on TV. Laughter is the number one thing you can do to boost your immune system. Laughter As Medicine.  I also try and stay connected to my inner child as much as possible. This is so important. If you are like most adults you have over time done less of the things that are kid like. When you connect to the inner child you take yourself and you take your life much less serious.

2. Find Balance With Work & Down Time

Common sense? Sure. But that doesn’t mean you do it. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t take more time for your well being and figure it out, life is short. Like everything else I write about, I am also working through this concept in my own life. So together, lets work on planning more personal time. Drinking or partaking in an addiction process does not count. What does count is something that empowers your health on every level and brings soul thrill and authentic non-work passion into your life.

3.Take Control of Your Health & Trust Yourself

If you are struggling with minor physical health issues this is not normal. A lot of us start to believe that something as small as back acne is not a health issue. While something like that isn’t life threatening, it is nonetheless your body telling you that something isn’t right. So stop rationalizing your health and pay attention to the small things, pay attention to your body. You deserve great health and it is something that is in your control, you just have to believe it. Take your power back.

Figure out what you are doing that might be causing the issue. Whether it be diet, lifestyle, emotions or environment. The majority of major illnesses and disease start as something small. If you listen to your body and give it the time of day you can heal most of your health blocks and prevent them from getting to the level of disease.

You do not need a doctor to tell you. Use your self-authority, use your own intuition ( we all have it- YES even you) and connect with your body and find out “why do I feel this way?”

Then make the appropriate changes and adjustments. We like others to do the work for us, we like to believe someone else knows best. This doesn’t mean don’t get their (doctors etc) opinion. But it does mean that you have to learn to trust yourself as much, if not more than your “health-care providers”.  This is not only the key to taking control of your health, but it is the key to trusting yourself in every aspect of your life.

” I know what is best for myself and I am capable of knowing anything I need to know to bring the greatest level of growth & health to my mind, body, emotions and spirit.”

4. Step Out of Your Box and Try Different Things

I have a family member who I care about a lot. This family member dealt with a specific life altering health issue for over fifteen years before he thought to try something else outside of what his mainstream doctors recommended. When he finally did he got amazing results. Think outside of the box. There are so many complementary and alternative medicines out there. Your journey to health can be empowering and filled with growth as it was for me if you use it as a platform for learning. Not only can you learn more about yourself and become deeply in touch with your own body but you can learn new things about the realities we live in and stumble upon things that are out there that you once might thought to be taboo or too hard to believe. Rest assure that not doing so will only hurt yourself.

Like everything in this life we have the opportunity to be the cynical, helpless victim in the face of adversity or the open, empowered, positive and always evolving beings we are here to be.



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