Love & It’s Complexities: The Quest to Understand

Love & It’s Complexities: The Quest to Understand

The Quest To Understand

I thought for the longest time I have been on a personal quest to truly understand & conceptualize what love is. Not only romantic love, or familiar love or any other specific type of love. Simply love in all forms, its root existence and meaning. I had been thinking that I needed to conceptualize and mentally understand “what love is” before I can find it in a crowd of emotional states and truly experience it.

I have been learning about compassion, inter-connectivity, non-duality and so on. I have understood the concepts and agreed with them whole heartily for a long time now. I even started a little organization called to bring about more awareness to our inter-connectivity. It was and still is my attempt to make others understand what I have come to learn.

But I have had a realization. This belief of being one was simply sub-conscious knowledge expressing itself before several weeks ago.  I have always felt deeply connected to these “one love” concepts because my soul knows them to be true. As yours does as well. Still, it was as if the concepts of compassion and love for all others was merely a distant concept with its roots buried deep within my sub-conscious. I didn’t know exactly why I felt this way or how I knew it, I just did.

Well this has changed. Not my beliefs on the interconnected concept, but my personal conscious experience base with it.

” Knowledge is knowing, Wisdom is doing”

This quote makes me think about my new found sense of love and connection to everyone.

Past Life Regressions & My Shift In Consciousness

I have been doing a weekly past life regression therapy session for the last month and I will be continuing to do so as “life” permits. I began doing these sessions to heal at a deeper level than I have previously experienced. I, like many, have emotional, physical and mental blocks and issues that intrude into my daily life. Being who I am at my core, I seek to understand and heal as much of it as possible to bring about the happiest and most successful life I can have. I recognized and intuitively knew that a lot of these blocks did not originate from this life.

Well during these sessions I have brought my sub-conscious previous life experiences into the conscious present moment. During these sessions I have experienced my soul in other various incarnations as other human beings throughout thousands of years. I have only tapped the surface of these different incarnations but the healing I have already experienced by releasing negative emotions and thought patterns from previous lifetimes that were affecting me in the present has been amazing.

I have been different sexes, races, spoke different languages and more. I have been a homeless kid named Jamel who spoke Arabic begging on the streets of the middle east in ancient times after my family was murdered, I have been an amazonian conscientious objector when it came to war and was killed and raped for it, I have been a young man sent off to war in early Europe only to be killed on the battlefield and I was a young girl killed in the concentration camps along with the rest of my family.

It was clear after these sessions why I hate war and I why I feel so strongly about doing my part to fix the problems we still create and face as humans when it comes to violence and consciousness.

But these experiences changed my life in a way I never even considered and have brought a true wisdom to the knowledge I had been essentially preaching through Peace Never Sleeps and by mouth to anyone who knew me. Bringing a few of these experiences to the light and living them again as Jeremy, if only for minutes has created a new understanding and sense of knowing to our inter-connectivity and to what love truly means, at least for me.

The Change I Experienced

We are all one and connected atomically, cellularly and through the human experience, yes, but we are all one because we have all lived as each other in different lifetimes; there is no separation in this life because we have all been each other and we are all each other. As I experienced myself as being others I also felt the compassion for myself in these other lifetimes. It brought real life experience and emotions to the concept and idea I had been trying to live -that we are all one. I no longer only new in that moment that I am everyone else and everyone else is me. But I felt it at a level I had never felt it or experienced it at before in this lifetime.

The concept shifted from that, a concept, a deep resonating and logical idea to a deep knowing while experiencing it at the realest most intertwined level we can have in this lifetime.

With the completion of each session I have done so far, I feel a more genuine level of love and compassion for everyone that I know and that I meet. It has shifted from a knowing into a wisdom. Something my soul and my human self has been yearning to feel for sometime now. I truly feel others as being myself and myself being others and through this lesson alone I feel as though I will be creating a domino effect of healing as I move forward in my life.

So what Is Love?

As I understand it right now in my current state of consciousness? Love is deep compassion, care, and understanding for self and it is the infinite driving force of all life and existence. To truly love yourself you must also love all others. To genuinely love others you have to genuinely love yourself, because there is no separation. You cannot have one without the other: You cannot have hate for another without also having hate for yourself, you cannot have hate for yourself without also having hate for others. As you think of another you also think of yourself and as you think of yourself you also think of another. How we view people is merely a reflection of how we view ourselves at the deepest levels.







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