Finding Your Life Purpose: It’s Right In Front of You.

Finding Your Life Purpose: It’s Right In Front of You.

Understand Your Life Purpose

We all come to this planet by the choice of our soul and we all come here with specific purposes.  It might be hard to believe or it may be easy. You may have read a multitude of different books or articles on this topic or this might be the first time you have even really considered that you more than anyone knows what you should be doing with your life.

There are many different tools and ways to piece together the puzzle that is your life. Here are a few.

1. Briefly Look At Your Past

Look at where your life took you when you weren’t jaded by the pressures of having to get somewhere or be someone- such as childhood, your teenage years or maybe even college.  Think about the things you focused on before you had to grow up and “decide what I am going to do with my life”. Look back to the classes you took in school, or the interests you pursued purely because you wanted to. This applies to all ages of people.

When you are free from pressure (external or internal) you are directly connected to your soul and what you really want. It is in this stillness that your soul and your human self become one. The things you were/are passionate about and the things you were/are interested probably hold important lessons and a vital part of your life purpose. Most us don’t come into this life with a single life purpose. As humans we have careers, family, friendships, relationships etc.  Each of us has unique lessons and purposes in all of these different arenas of human life on earth school. We choose with who, when and in what ways we will learn these lessons. But pay attention to what you enjoyed before you felt the need to “throw away my passions/interests for the greater good of being grown up” these will hold a piece or possibly many pieces of the puzzle for you.

2. Find Ways To Become More Self-Aware

The more connected you are to your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual bodies the more self-aware you are. The more balance you attain as a human being and the less imbalance and poor health you have in these various bodies the easier it is to focus on who you really are and not have to deal with the constant lessons of ” How to take better care of my human body”.

Great tools to use:

1. Astrology: If you can find a legit Astrologer they can give you a tremendous amount of insight and/or confirmation into your different lessons and purposes based on when and where you were born and the alignment of the stars/planets.  Don’t take my word for it, try it out. Like everything on earth school, the benefits you receive from a session like this depend on the quality of the Astrologer and how you position your consciousness going into the session.

If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do so you don’t have to make choices for yourself- then going to an astrologer is unhealthy and will not aid in your growth or help you find your paths. It will make you feel less empowered and more reliant on outside information to guide you.

But, if you go into this type of session with the frame of mind that ” I am a self -aware human being, and anything I hear in this session today I am going to filter through my own self-authority and my own higher self to figure out what feels right and what doesn’t” then it can be empowering. You will hear things that resonate deeply and confirm who you are and you might hear things you never thought of that may or may not resonate as well. Trust yourself. For me, nearly everything I heard in this type of session resonated so deeply that it was one of the most tremendous moments of growth for me, and helped me to stay on track.

2. Numerology:  The study of numbers in relation to who we are. I am not going to recommend going to a numerologist but I am going to recommend buying a book written by Dan Millman titled: ” The Life Your Were Born To Live”. This book changed the way I look at myself and the way I look at my life in so many ways. It made my entire life up until this point make sense to me. Struggles, triumphs, interests and challenged. Again, don’t take my word for it, buy it. It will not only give you tremendous insight into your own life but into the lives of everyone you care about.

This single book confirmed for me all that I thought I knew about who I was and the life I had been living. It gives you tangible ways to work your life from the positive instead of the negative. I don’t recommend too many books. This is a must have.

3. Meditation : This is one of the most important ways over time to create a healthier and deeper connection to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. If you spend 10 minutes a day assessing and connecting to these different bodies you will quickly learn what it truly feels like to be you. The more connected you are to yourself the more self-aware you will be. Mindfulness Meditation is a great type of meditation for this. 

There are other ways as well. Experiment and try different things. I can tell you that personally these three things on their own increased my awareness quite a bit and as far as meditation, it still increases my self-awareness to new heights constantly.

3.  Take Action Don’t Sit Still

We have all probably heard it, ” Experimentation is the foundation of college”. Well this is important in life whether you are in college or not. Pursue the things that peak your interest. When you do something it will completely change your energy/aura in the moment you do it. This is the best way to learn what you do and don’t like and connect with the things that may or may not be apart of a lesson or life purpose for you.

The most important aspect to taking action and not sitting still is that one thing leads to another. If you do x it might lead you to ” y”. Sometimes we are pulled to interests, activities & people because they lead us elsewhere, to where we are really supposed to be. This domino affect can’t happen if you are sitting around and dreaming about living all day instead of taking action and actually living your life.

This is the amazingness of life on earth! You may have come here as a soul to learn specific lessons and pursue specific things but we always, and I mean always have choices to make in our day to day lives. Including the choice to take action or not, or to care about any of this or not.  But the more connected you are to your authentic selves- the more you can just simply live without the fear of making a wrong decision and get out of your own way.





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