The Truth About Friendship: What Friendship Is & Isn’t

The Truth About Friendship: What Friendship Is & Isn’t

The Connection

This world we live in, this world each of our souls have chosen to be apart of is not easy. No matter who you are or what your struggles are they are ones that are more easily dealt with and more easily navigated through when we have others by our side. We all seek love yes, but more than that we all seek friendship. We live on a tiny planet in the middle of an unfathomably large solar system and this solar system occupies one fraction of the even larger galaxy we live in. There are billions of galaxies in this universe. Our human minds cannot even begin to understand the infinite working of life.

When we think of our existence in these terms it is easy to feel apart of something larger but to also feel lonely and to feel like this is all we have. But everything we seek and everything we need as human beings rests within and on this amazing planet we occupy.  All we have is this beautiful planet and the connections we create on it.  While we can rely on our connection to a spirit or to a divine energy for comfort and connection this does not scratch the itch for human beings.  No religion or spirituality can in itself feed the human soul. We need real connections, we need friends.

 Nothing More Sacred

Friendship is something many take lightly. I cannot think of how many times I have had close friends, best friends and how many times they fade out of my life. While I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason and some peoples roles are short lived we miss a very important variable. We don’t need to be exactly like someone to be friends with them, we don’t need to be on the exact same path to be friends. While a lesson may have brought two people together it is the caring for one another and the desire to grow and maintain the friendship that sustains it after.

Too many times we let petty things diminish or end a friendship. We forget the connection and the company are the fruits and we get caught up in the small things. Many times best friends fight and may not talk for sometime but it is the reunion, the forgiving and the love that brings them back together. It is the desire, the human need for friendship that eventually moves beyond the petty issues.

We live in a time when fear dominates the psyche of people. We fear other people because we fear being betrayed and hurt by another. We don’t let people in and by doing so we don’t feed our need for connection and joy within a friendship. Everyone seeks it and everyone is capable of being one.


Until we get over our fears and realize that life as a human is all about making connections and learning the positive from those connections, we will continue to feel more isolated, to feel more lonely and to feel like ” no one understands me or no one knows or goes through what I have gone through”. It is in friendship that we see ourselves, that we realize we are not alone, that we realize others go through the same struggles, the same questioning and the same hurts. Rather than using our hurts to separate ourselves we need to use it bring one another closer and to understand one another better. We desperately seek connection, but our fears stop us from making them. No one should feel lonely and friendless. This life is impossible without real friends.



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