Your Message: Why It’s The Key to Your Life Purpose

Your Message: Why It’s The Key to Your Life Purpose

What is your reason for being here? It seems to me, one cannot find their extremely personal, yet interconnected reason for being here, without first understanding what it is they stand for and most importantly, what it is they wish to convey and contribute to the world. I’m not talking about your job, your charitable efforts, your relationship, raising a family etc.. I am talking about your message, the thing that created the spark– ignited the fire– that is your life.

Many of us don’t quite realize that, this,  is what we must resolve before we can make our impact and fulfill our real purpose for being here. So I ask you, as a friendly self-test….

What is Your Message?

As you sit, starring at your computer screen or smart phone, think.. really think, do you have an answer to this question?

Many people don’t feel as though they have the luxury or the time, when it comes to sitting around and philosophizing their own dharma and human nature. I can assure you, it is not merely the privilege of the rich when it comes to time available to consider the message and the purpose in this life. In fact, I can safely say, that many people with money have ascended Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, yet still focus primarily on their selfish desires.  So it is a choice. One we all have. Many of us live our lives day-to-day, unsure of what it is we really stand for; we go to work, go home and live in our box. Yet we want to break free, we want to find meaning, we want to find a sense of contentment in the daily things we pursue.

Think about the things that bring passion into your life, think about the interests that have touched your soul over the years, think about the inner callings that urge you to get up and go…. These are the inner pulls that will lead you back to the original inclination, the one that represents the message you wish to convey. Finding your message is merely listening to your higher self; your soul.

Realize your inner most message and you find the beginning road to your purpose. When your message is the foundation of your life and your life the foundation for your message, you are at one with yourself, thus at one with nature. It is a conscious choice we make everyday to continue to pursue the things that drowned out our message or negate our message…. We can each choose to do something else, to be something else, but we cannot change who we really are… We can only accept and align our daily human lives with that which is. The alternative is to keep fighting your own life…




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